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6-year-old Alimamy Sesay with a huge bulge on the left side of his face requires an urgent CT scan

Alimamy Sesay, as you can see in the pictures below, is a 6-year-old kid whose life has been taped with an unfortunate circumstance. He is from a village called Rogbithon, Diabia Chiefdom, Karene District.

The bulge you're seeing on the left side of his face started eight months ago.

Gradually, the size of the bulge increased to the level it's now; and perhaps it's still increasing. Due to this horrific illness, the young kid has stopped going to school. He was in primary one (class 1).

Alimamy’s misfortune seems to be unbearably uncomfortable as his father and mother are both deaf and dumb. This makes the situation more critical for the young child as his parents who are struggling to make ends meet cannot afford to do the CT scan required by medical advice.

The CT scan will help us to understand what's the health condition he's suffering from, what sort of surgery or treatment he will require, the magnitude of the illness, and many other vital medical health information.

For now, we're calling on the general public to step in and help Alimamy Sesay undergo the required CT scan which will help us to proceed with any further medical treatment/operation. The total needed for the CT scan cost is Le 4,200,000.

The Sick Pikin Project 2022

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