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Aminata Marah

16 years old Aminata Marah is currently suffering from left Orbit Tumor, her face is swell now in a scary way, she requires a 3 cycles of chemotherapy before her surgery and another 3 cycles of chemotherapy after her surgery to help deal with this situation thoroughly. She hailed from a village called Dundukor in Koinadugu District. Her ailment started 2009 and in 2011 Mercy Ship did the first surgery on her, but there was not much of chemotherapy being done, and in 2012 again it resurfaced again and has got to a scary state again, in 2017 things became more worrying as she had to drop out of school at high school. Aminata is always crying that she wants to go back to school and if she is cured she will study hard to be a medical doctor.

Aminata is currently suffering and needs urgent help, to fix this condition, for both the surgery and the chemotherapy it will cost $26,000 USD

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