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Abu Bakarr Barie

While we struggle with Jeremiah Koroma the 3 years old with a similar condition. We are faced with another case of similar condition.

8 months old


Senekedugu Village, Wara Wara Yagala Chiefdom, Koinadugu District approached Sick Babies project at Caritas Freetown office to seek for help.

This baby like the others in his category was born without an anus. We are trying to reach out to the hospital in India to get quotation for him and see what the cost will be. We are also reaching out to Dr Aiah Lebbie to see if it is something he can help with here as our desire is to explore all possibilities in order to bring the quickest and best solution to these children.

We are kindly asking all kind hearted people in Sierra Leone and across the world to help us bring help to these children who are in dire need of help.

Remember, nothing is too small. Donate and help to save life.

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