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Aminata Marah- left the shores of Sierra Leone for India


Sixteen years old Aminata Marah with condition of Left Orbit Tumor departed

the shores of Sierra Leone for India, where she will undergo chemotherapy, surgery and reconstruction.

Aminata’s case was brought to our attention around December 2018 by Hamid Gbawuru Marrah one of the founding members of the District

Descendant organization with acronym STEP-K. Hamid got to know about Aminata through a Facebook post by one Hon. Foday Lamin Kabba.

STEP-K, through the said Honorable, helped to facilitate Aminata’s coming to Freetown and also provided her the initial medical review to ascertain her condition and treatment plan. We want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Board and the entire membership of STEP-K.

This health condition has really been a huge challenge for Aminata all this while. We are very grateful to the Deputy Minister of Justice Mr.

Umaru Napoleon Koroma for his tireless effort in helping to push the

government through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, and also for his

tremendous support in ensuring Aminata’s surgery to push through by

all means. He has been a committed donor and one who participate in many activities relating to the Sick Pikin Project, as now fits to be

referred to as the Humanitarian Minister, due to his efforts in

advocating business house, his fellow ministers and other government

officials for their assistance towards Aminata’s plight.

Through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, the Government was able

to provide about Fourteen thousand dollars for medication plus perdiem

and ticket.

Minister Napoleon went off his comfort zone and fundraise like a full time Humanitarian for Aminata and raised almost a total of twelve thousand United States Dollars making us to immediately reach the target.

We want to use this opportunity to thank the Government of Sierra

Leone, Deputy Minister of Justice Napoleon Koroma, Zain Charity, Deputy Minister Kallon and

the other kind Sierra Leoneans who generously donated for Aminata’s


Aminata is spending a night in Accra today and will arrive in Dehli

tomorrow at about 11 PM Sierra Leonean time.

The Sick Pikin Pikin Project.

A project by Caritas Freetown



F: The Sick Pikin Project

Ph: +23276722736 / 088230023

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