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Baby Jessie Bangura Underwent Surgery successfully

Many thanks to those who donated towards his oxygen, Total Women, Asmaa James Foundation, Queenbeez, Sister Linda Vakunta, Sister Abigail Mansaray and our anonymous donor.

........and bigger thanks to The Ministry of Health and Sanitation, The Ministry of Finance, especially the office of the Principal Deputy Financial Secretary, The Bank of Sierra Leone and the entire Government of Sierra Leone for not only donating the money for Jessie's surgery, air ticket and perdiem for sustainance in India but the speedy manner at which the whole process was carried out.

Baby Jessie's surgery has been completed successfully. Baby Jessie was having congenital heart disease. No word can express the joy of the patents, after they almost lost hope but love cultivated for Jessie helped to restored hope unconditionally. The smiles on the faces of the mother tell it all.

Both Jessie's parents have expressed profound thanks and appreciation to everyone one and to God. This is truly fulfilling. Jessie's travel to New Dehli was all in credits, from air ticket to Oxygen that helped sustained him on the plane to accommodation in New Dehli and to even the pre-surgery. But in the end we are celebrating God's divine touch on such an handsome boy and now all Bill's have been covered by our above listed donors and our Government.

The surgery was a 10 hours long double procedure correctional.

Thanks also to Max Hospital Specility Hospital in India for their professionalism, ethical and quality care provided not only to Jessie but all other children that were being sent to them by The Sick Pikin Project.

Remember, this was only possible because we work in concerted efforts. Let is continue to work together for the betterment of our next generation.

Thanks to all those who volunteered to raise funds and share words or messages to help make this a success.

With grateful hearts.

Feel free to share

Ishmeal Alfred Charles

For and on behalf of Sick Pikin Project

Phone: 076722736



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