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Deborah Thomas departs Freetown, Sierra Leone to Max Super Speciality Hospital in New Dehli, India

Our appreciation to Ministry of Health!

Diagnosed 2 months after her birth baby 11 months old baby Deborah has been living with Tetralogy of Fallot which is complex cyanotic heart disease.

The Sick Pikin Project engaged the Ministry of Health and Sanitation on baby Deborah's case and after few months of processing we are very delighted to thank both the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and the entire Government of Sierra Leone for the help as we have been able to raise the total amount needed for baby Deborah to be operated on and they are departed via Brussels today 18th September 2019 to Inda for her evaluation and correctional surgery to he done.

Baby Deborah is estimated to stay in New Dehli for about 7 weeks.

We ask you all to keep baby Deborah in prayers while we wish them a safe travels and awaits their return for celebration and thanksgiving.

Remember collectively we can make many more children and their family smile if we come together to cultivate more love.


Ishmeal Alfred Charles

Lead Campaigner Sick Pikin Project

Phone: 076722736



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