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Mamadu Alpha Bah is a 6month old baby boy.

Baby Mamadu was born with congenital heart complications.

Since birth to date, he has been in and out of Ola During Hospital at the PCMH Hospital. He was born with this difficult condition that makes him to Cyanosed making him depending on oxygen for weeks and months and this has been happening since he was born.

Baby Mamadu is currently at home where he is being monitored as we reach out to raise funds for his surgery.

His poor mother is a student and the father is a waiter, with this economic reality the parents of Baby Mamadu are unable to meet the financial demands to carry out his surgery.

Keeping these realities backed with the excruciating pain that Baby Mamadu is going through day and night, the Sick Pikin Project is therefore reaching out to kindly ask for your support so we can give Baby Mamadu another chance in life.

We are currently fundraising and our target is $ 5,865 which is estimated to cover the flight of the Nurse who will accompany him and to pay for Oxygen on the flight from Freetown to New Delhi. 250 USD per bottle for the oxygen and we will need 15 bottles for him.

We have raised the funds for His surgery, accommodation, feeding and flight from the Government of Sierra Leone, but we are still in need of $ 5,865. For which we are pleading to all every goodwill person to please help save the life of Baby Mamadu.

Remember nothing is too small, a collection of our little resources will make a pool that ends up saving lives.

Call or WhatsApp +23276722763

Donate via GoFundMe

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